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About Us

Tucked away in a stunning valley with woodland, meadows, lakes, marshlands, streams and rivers in Carmarthenshire, Wales, The Dog House offers an exemplary service for discerning dog owners, incorporating a fulfilling and fun daily routine for our guests. We take enormous pride in educating and caring for dogs, focusing on a combination of learning, exercise, games and health.

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Excellent nutrition is a key part of our ethos. Each dog is weighed on arrival and throughout their stay and a bespoke diet programme is created so that your dog returns as happy and healthy as possible.


Grooming is important not just to keep our guests looking good but also to keep a regular check on the physical condition of each dog in our care. Our groomers are trained to provide frequent but short positive experiences and look out for any abnormalities or problems.

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The Dog House' state of the art bus runs weekly from Wales to West London with pre-arranged pick ups and drop offs along the M4 corridor. Allowing easy, comfortable and safe transportation to our centre.

A day in the life of The Dog House

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