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If your dog is returning to The Dog House, please reuse the jute bag.

Your dog will need:

• A plain (no studs or metal attachments), strong, snug-fitting collar bearing an ID tag with a telephone number.

• 3 days of your dog's current diet to convert to The Dog House bespoke diet (if necessary please advise us of any allergies or special dietary requirements in writing before arrival).

• All medicines clearly labelled with your dog's name and surname. Please supply your vet with a copy of their medical history.

• Clearly written instructions about any medication to be given, (this must also be supplied in writing to us before arrival). 

• Something with the scent of home that your dog is familiar with e.g. bed liner, old towel etc (for first-timers only).

• Their favourite toy (for training courses only).

Do not send the following with your dog:

• A food/water bowl.

• A bed.

• Items of sentimental or financial value.

When arriving at The Dog House your dog must:

• Be in reasonably good physical shape.

• Be free of parasites (fleas, worms and ticks), undergoing current effective worming, and a flea/tick prevention programme. (If this is not the case we will treat your dog on arrival and a charge will be made).

• Have up-to-date vaccinations (certificates will be requested) including Infectious Bronchitis, commonly known as Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough Vaccinations must be given a minimum of three weeks before a dog’s stay.

• Be microchipped (required by law) 

• Be recently groomed and bathed (if long-coated, to have had a recent practical close trim, especially around eyes and pads of feet) - if not, this will be actioned on arrival. Single-coated dogs that are normally clipped (particularly curly-coated breeds) a half inch (13mm) is the longest length we accept. Please note that a dog with long fur covering its eyes (even partially) will very likely be overly sensitive, nervous and potentially aggressive particularly to sudden close movement. If you have any specific grooming requirements or questions, please let us know before booking.

See below for appropriate behaviour during
 delivery and collection, grooming requirements, and if your dog is taking any medication please complete the medication form below and return it before your dog arrives with us.


Holiday & Training Kit List

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