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Frequently Asked Questions 


How green is The Dog House?

The Dog House is committed above and beyond to environmental sustainability:

  • Biomass: Since 2015 all the farm building’s central heating and hot water has been produced by zero-carbon renewable energy from our biomass wood chip boiler. We are self-sufficient in producing 100% of our wood chips from our carefully managed woodlands.​

  • We uphold a stringent recycling and composting programme. We are fastidious about recycling and luckily live in one of the best counties in Britain to do so. All food waste is composted. All tin, paper, glass, plastic even thin wrap plastic is recycled. 

  • Water: We are gifted with our own delicious spring water which we filter and purify with ultraviolet light.

  • Solar panels: We have had a large number in use for over 14 years.

  • Rewilding. We manage our fields to benefit wildlife by not using any artificial fertiliser on our fields and enhancing the production of wildflowers. We have recently planted a nut orchard and upgraded our fruit orchard, over the years we have planted thousands of trees and in 2024 will be planting 8,000 mixed broad leaves.
    Bees: Apart from leaving alone a few known wild bees in trees we keep a few of our own hives. 

Where does my dog sleep?

Most of our guests sleep on Vetzyme bedding in a ventilated Earthbound or Perla bed. Otherwise some sleep on a soft, flat mattress. We create a homely environment in different locations: Purpose-built chalets, our grooming room, laundry room, office, staff pavilion, and Mark's home. We ensure that our guests sleep with their friends or other dogs that they are compatible with.


Why am I charged a daily rate rather than a nightly rate (e.g charged 8 days when your dog has only stayed 7 nights).

We charge for collection and delivery days on a daily rate basis. On the day of departure your companion will have been walked early, given breakfast, and given a procedural check.


When will I see the pictures? Why aren’t you posting more frequently?

We post on Instagram weekly, (usually on a Wednesday). Our priority is your dog’s wellbeing instead of turning them into a catwalk model.


Will my dog forget about me?

No! We have had dogs stay with us for up to 3 years without seeing their owners and have greeted them after this period as if they had only seen them a week ago.


Why can’t I collect my dog directly on weekends, bank holidays and non-transport days?

We need to prepare your dog before departure, also grooming, health and behaviour reports need to be prepared.


Why does my dog have to have a haircut?

(See terms). In short - to aid communication with the handler.

How long is the journey on the dog bus?

4 hours including a pit-stop halfway. All motorway apart from 8 miles of country lanes near Dinas farm.


Where does the bus stop along the M4?

M4 Cardiff Gate J30

M4, J18, The Best Western

M4, J15 Esso

M4, J13, Newbury / Chieveley Services, Travelodge car park

M4, between J11 & J12 Reading Services, Travelodge car park

M4, J8/9, The Binghams cul de sac

M4, J4, Holiday Inn layby

M4 J3 Heston Services, Travelodge car park


Will my dog be warm enough?

All our rooms are heated with underfloor heating but have an area for heavy-coated breeds to lie without heating.


Can I visit my dog during their holiday/course?

During an activity holiday, yes as long as this is arranged in advance. 

During arranged training courses - This is not possible as your visit will set the course back until you have been given at least 2 hours of tuition beforehand.


Why can’t I collect my dog sooner than booked at the end of a busy holiday period?

Every dog has a timeslot, with a booking in and out procedure. Just like a grooming salon, hairdresser, vet, hotel, or doctor.

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