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Your Dog's Stay

Daily Routine

Please note the following is approximate. Puppies, young, elderly and dogs recovering from surgery are taken out more frequently and placed on a managed exercise programme.

We vary the times of outings and meals with mature dogs to ensure that they are never expecting something at a given time. For example the main long, most exciting walk of each day, as written below as taking place in the morning, at least twice a week is swapped with a later outing of the day. This variation helps prevent any anticipation which may develop into unnecessary stress.

The daily routine for fit, adult dogs 


Taken out for a short walk (15-30mins)


Light Breakfast – often from a feeding puzzle like an activity ball, buster cube, static maze, snuffle mat or pyramid puzzle. Followed by at least 30 mins of rest.


Morning group runs on differing routes over 300 acres of a mixture of terrain with wild flower meadows, marsh, ancient woodland, dense conifer forestry, open hill, ponds, bogs numerous streams and rivers Pontgarreg and Cywyn (1-1 and a half hours plus)


Rest with Chews and occasional stuffed Kong



A brief stroll with often an individual play/training session or a round of our assault course with a trainer or handler (10 -15mins)

For mature very well behaved dogs free access to securely fenced parkland, (weather permitting 2 hours) Occasional trips to the beach. 



Main Meal (Always ensuring half an hour rest before and after eating meals) 


Gentle relieving meadow wander (10-20 mins)


Taken out for a piddle/poo before a sleepy Snack (Bedtime Biscuit) and lights out. (5-15 mins)

Holiday and Training

Kit list

If your dog is returning to The Dog House please re-use The Dog House jute bag. 

Your dog will need:

• A plain (no studs or metal attachments), strong, snug-fitting collar bearing an ID tag with telephone number

• 2 days of your dog's current diet to convert to The Dog House bespoke diet (if necessary please advise us of any allergies or special dietary requirements in writing prior to arrival) 

• Something with the scent of home that your dog is familiar with e.g. bed liner, old towel etc (for first-timers only)

• All medicines must be clearly labelled with your dog's name and surname. Please supply from your vet a copy of their medical history.

• Please supply clear written instructions about any medication to be given, and this must also please be supplied in writing to us as soon as possible before arrival

Tablets, ointments and injections will be administered at the owner’s request, but no responsibility can be accepted by ‘The Dog House’ for any consequent complications from an existing condition. ‘The Dog House’ reserves the right to call out a veterinary surgeon when we deem necessary. All fees will be paid by the owner. In the event of a medical emergency, we will contact the owner, however, if unavailable, the owner agrees upon booking to give full consent for their dog to be treated as necessary (including hospitalisation, anaesthesia etc.) Non-urgent medical issues or treatment will be notified in their end of stay report.


• All training courses – please note we require a dog’s favourite toy on their first stay when undergoing any training course

Your dog will not need to be sent with:

• A food/water bowl

• A bed

• items of sentimental or financial value

When arriving at The Dog House your dog must:

• Be in reasonably good physical shape

• Be free of parasites (fleas, worms and ticks) and undergoing current effective worming, and flea/tick prevention programme. (If this is not the case we will treat your dog on arrival and a charge will be made)

• Have up to date vaccinations (certificates will be requested) including Infectious Bronchitis, commonly known as Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough Vaccinations must be given a minimum of three weeks prior to a dog’s stay

• Be micro-chipped (required by law) 

• For pictures of your dog during its stay please click on Instagram or Facebook. Please confirm if you would not like your dog posted on social media.

• Be recently groomed and bathed (if long-coated, to have had a recent practical close trim, especially around eyes and pads of feet) - if not this will be actioned on arrival. Single coated dogs that are normally clipped particularly curly coated breeds a half inch (13mm) is the longest length we accept. Please note that a dog with long fur covering their eyes (even partially) will very likely be overly sensitive, nervous and potentially aggressive particularly to sudden close movement. If you have any specific grooming requirements or questions regarding grooming please let us know before booking.

Please click on below buttons to see full information regarding grooming requirements, delivery, and collection and if your dog is taking any medication please complete the medication form and return it before your dog's arrival.

Transportation to The Dog House

The Dog House's state of the art bus runs weekly from Wales to Hammersmith, West London with pre-arranged pickups along the M4 corridor. Allowing easy, comfortable transportation to our facility.

Please notify us of who will be collecting or dropping off your dog to The Dog Bus and provide their contact details for security reasons.

If you are unable to get your dog to our Dog Bus or would like to arrange your own transport for your dog we recommend the following:

Vet Assist - 07961 952 379. Pick up from London and near M25 will drop at our meeting point in Hammersmith, London 


Or (ask for Hugo or Camilla - 07778 056618) who will pick up from anywhere in Europe or the UK and deliver your dog to us in Wales directly.


Security at The Dog House

The Dog House is based in a rural location, tucked away down a wooded mile-long, bumpy single track which ends with a gate and then a ford over a river.


Even some neighbours who have lived locally for years don’t know we exist.


All team members carry radios to communicate with.

All contractors are signed in and out.


The Dog House is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of our trainers, Jay lives by the entrance to the farmyard and he can see for 360 degrees around his flat.


We have 4 geese, 3 Labradors, 6 Guinea fowl, and 8 Peafowl that alert us when a visitor arrives.


We have CCTV and motion sensor lights.


The dogs live in various heated buildings a few yards from the farmhouse and our staff flat.


We are situated in one of the lowest areas for crime rates in the United Kingdom.

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