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The Dog House is set in the beautiful Welsh countryside, your dog has access to 300 acres during their stay.

Here are some other Dog House statistics:

  • Apart from a crossing of two valleys which are teeming with wildlife we look after a small flock of between 30 — 80 Torwen Welsh Badger face mountain sheep, 2 Kunekune sows, a tribe of Guernsey Goats, 3 domestic rabbits, 4 Swan Geese, and numerous; Ducks, Chickens, Bantams, Guinea fowl, Doves, and Peafowl.

  • We keep clear and mown over 10 miles of dedicated tracks, through deciduous woodlands, conifer forestry, meadows, parkland, marshland and bogs, with crossings over various streams and two rivers the Pontcarreg and the Cywyn.

  • Aside from 19 buildings, grounds, miles of hedges and various bridges additionally we maintain approximately 60 gates and a canine assault course.

  • A trainer/ handler walks a total of between 8 - 14 miles per day when working here.

  • We uphold a stringent recycling and composting programme.

  • All the Farm building’s central heating and hot water are produced by renewable energy from our biomass wood chip boiler. By mid-2020 we hope to be completely self-sufficient in producing 100% of our own wood chip from our carefully managed woodlands.

  • We are gifted with our own delicious spring water which we filter and purify with ultraviolet light.​

Below is our gallery of some of our guests and day to day events at The Dog House. Follow us on Instagram for more recent Dog House pictures.  

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