General Companion

This training programme is designed to teach adolescent and adult dogs to respond quickly to a selection of commands/cues and eradicate undesirable habits.


Minimum 6 weeks (depending on the individual dog) and a compulsory handover of two half day sessions with the owner upon completion of the programme at The Dog House, Wales. It is imperative that all handlers/carers of the dog are present at this time.

Ideal age:

From 6 months old (depending on breed and maturity).

Elements included are:

  • Teaching of 8–12 basic cues so your dog responds to voice, hand and whistle signals. We also try to teach a further 8 – 12 behaviours. A printed guide is provided as a reference.

  • Teaching of rapid response to Recall (coming straight back when called).

  • Discouragement and elimination of pulling on the lead, boisterous behaviour, jumping up, chasing and other behavioural issues.

  • Elimination of barking, howling when left alone, over sensitivity to loud noises, destructiveness, stealing and other household problems including house training.

  • Sit and stay commands taught and reinforced prior to crossing a road and approaching an opening doorway, car door or gateway.

  • Regularly exercised and socialised with a variety of breeds for a minimum of 1 1⁄2 hours each day.

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