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Activity Holidays

The Daily Routine

Please note that the following is approximate. Every dog is placed on a managed exercise programme according to their individual characteristics. 

Taken out for a short walk (15 - 30 mins)

Light Breakfast – often from a feeding puzzle like an activity ball, buster cube, static maze, snuffle mat or pyramid puzzle. Followed by at least 30 mins of rest.
Morning group runs on differing routes over 300 acres of a mixture of terrain with wildflower meadows, marsh, ancient woodland, dense conifer forestry, open hill, ponds, bog
s, and numerous streams and rivers (1 - 1.5 hrs)
Rest with chews or a stuffed kong 

A brief stroll with an individual play/training session or a round of our assault course with a trainer
 (10 - 15 mins). Mature, well-behaved dogs have free access to securely fenced parkland, (weather permitting up to 2 hours). Occasional trips to the beach. 

The main meal (always ensuring half an hour rest before and after eating meals) 

Gentle wander in a
 meadow (10 - 20 mins)

Taken out for an evening walk before a Sle
epy Snack and lights out. (15 - 20 mins)

How To Book

Due to the individual nature of our holidays and courses, all bookings are subject to approval of your application form.

To register and request a booking, please contact us by email. If your application is approved, we will then contact you to discuss dates and availability.

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