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Puppy training course

Puppy Socialisation

Our puppy socialisation, habituation and early learning course aims to introduce your puppy to various new experiences, sounds, sights, scents, dogs, people, other animals, etc. within controlled and positive environments. We also work on house training, recall, walking on a loose lead, controlled game teaching as well as basic commands of ‘Sit’, ‘Leave’, ‘Basket’ etc.



Minimum of 3 weeks, and a compulsory handover of two half-day training sessions on departure at The Dog House. All main handlers/carers of the puppy should be present at the handover.

Ideal age of puppy:

Between 9 and 14 weeks old.

Our puppy course is particularly popular so to avoid disappointment we suggest that you can contact us as much in advance as possible. Click below to be sent an application form and for more information on our puppy course. 

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