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Training Courses



We advise owners that it is best to teach their dogs themselves under the guidance of a professional. However, an owner sometimes can't produce effective results in some problem areas due to location, facilities, time or expertise. For these cases, we offer residential training courses where upon completion, the owners/carers are taught about easy communication, house rules and how to improve upon their dog’s good behaviours.

All the teaching methods used at The Dog House are non-confrontational and based on rewards and kindness we have found success in clear communication, precise timing, and motivation by control of toys, games, food, affection and permissions combined with the use of desensitisation, counter-conditioning, redirection and some sound or taste aversion techniques. We always reward good behaviours rather than chastising undesirable behaviours.

Dogs, like humans, are not machines and success cannot be guaranteed in all quarters, particularly when a dog has a severe behavioural problem. In that event, a referral to one of our recommended behaviourists may be suggested.

All dogs in our training programmes have the benefit of our activity holiday routine. Please note, that every outing is a mini-training session depending on several variances of the age of the dog, week of course, day of the week etc. There are 1 – 3 dedicated training sessions given per day.

Due to various factors such as a dog's individual traits, physical and mental health, breed and speed of learning, if we are not happy with your dog's progress at any time during your dog's training course, we reserve the right to extend the duration of the course. The Dog House also has the right to extend a course if a dog comes into season during their stay as they generally do not perform at their best during this time.



Select the images below to find out more about our dog training courses  

Owners must take part in a post-course handover at The Dog House, Wales which ensures the continuation of the behaviours that your dog has learnt during their training course. See below for a summary of our post-course handover.

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