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 Tatler​ - Feature

‘But Emma Parker Bowles says you’re a dog whisperer’, I plead with Mark Thompson, proprietor of The Dog House. I need a place for Putu, my long legged terrier, and though the canine health farm (they insist it is neither kennel nor doggie hotel) has been booked up for three months, Mark finds a bed in one of his three heated chalets in a wooded Carmarthenshire valley.


A weekly shuttle that stops in Fulham (or along the M4) duly collects my unsophisticated pup, complete with her favourite toy, a plastic laundry ball; she longingly eyes the Great Dane’s Harrods Christmas stocking. Dog House dogs are exercised, groomed and trained to understand you are top dog, so antisocial behaviour is discouraged. Three weeks (and £750) later, a remarkably placid Putu allows me through the door first, sits on command and doesn’t beg, jump or pull on her lead. I think I’ll send my boyfriend.

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