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The Dog House
Activity Holiday And Education Centre

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At The Dog House, we have taught dogs of all breeds and sizes for over 25 years. The right education creates a happy, healthy dog and a rewarding owner relationship.

We provide action-packed programmes for dogs, with plenty of individual care and attention. Our programmes provide your furry friend with the companionship of other dogs and humans, as well as fun and varied daily routines with a strong emphasis on teaching. We ensure that all our canine guests get plenty of mental and physical exercise to keep them happy and healthy during their stay with us.

The result is a hugely enjoyable experience combined with the reassurance that your dog will never be bored or lonely.

Our guests return home fitter, healthier and better behaved.

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"Mark, Julie and your remarkable team have done it again! My Henry has returned, from his summer holiday with the Dog House, an incredible specimen. Not only is he fit and sleek, he is alert and so well-behaved.  I can keep up my travel commitments in confidence that Henry is having the time of his life and will return to me better than 5 star plus! Your place is a dream. A million thanks!"

Michel Roux Sr

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